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Welcome New Members!

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (CCAL)!

The purpose of the CCAL is to recognize the ministry of the apostolic leader as a government gift in the church, and to see servant-leadership and strategies that will bring spiritual and moral government to the nation.

The CCAL defines an apostle as:
An apostolic leader is a wise, master builder whose sphere of influence and “fatherly” focus is the recognition and development of gifts, callings, and anointing, designed to impart life, impact generations, and transform nations through the nuclear and extended church; bringing leaders, churches, ministries and the workplace into maturity and destiny, empowered through a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

For further information regarding our qualifications for membership, please review our Qualifications For Membership

If you are interested in membership with the CCAL, please download and complete the form below. Completed forms may be mailed or faxed to our office.