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Purpose Statement



The purpose of CCAL is to recognize the ministry of the apostolic leader as a government gift in the church, and to see servant-leadership and strategies that will bring spiritual and moral government to the nation.

Definition of an Apostolic Leader

An apostolic leader is a wise, master builder whose sphere of influence and “fatherly” focus is the recognition and development of gifts, callings, and anointing, designed to impart life, impact generations, and transform nations through the nuclear and extended church; bringing leaders, churches, ministries and the workplace into maturity and destiny, empowered through a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

CCAL Recognizes Apostolic Leaders in Canada who are:

International Apostolic Leaders – These are the leaders called to affect nations

National Apostolic Leader – Recognized ministries in Canada with national influence

Fathering Apostolic Leaders – Equips and mentors pastors and five-fold ministry gifts

City Apostolic Leaders – Those who give leadership in the city with a goal to build city churches

Marketplace Apostolic Leaders – Gifted business leaders in team ministry with their local church establishing the Kingdom of God within the marketplace of their sphere of influence

Emerging Apostolic Leaders – Those stepping into apostolic function

Relational Values:

Eight relational values that guide behaviour as apostolic leaders in Canada:

1. Non-negotiable Love – Love is the life-giving foundation upon which we share and build relationships by word and deed. We are committed to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, the Apostle of our faith, to those we serve.

2. Openness and Honesty – We choose to give to those to whom we are in relationship the gift of being vulnerable with integrity and honesty; we are then free to enjoy the blessings of accountability

3. Believing the Best – Apostolic relationship thrive in an atmosphere of affirmation. We are committed to one another’s success, the clarifying misunderstandings, and recognizing that “we are a work in progress” as we become more like Jesus.

4. Word Given, Word Kept – We are privately and publicly committed to each other as participants in CCAL. We affirm that our word given is our word kept.

5. Grace and Truth – We value and affirm historic statements of faith such as the Apostles’ Creed. We minister grace and truth in Christ through being and doing what is just or honorable.

6. Character before Gifting – Apostolic leaders choose to build their personal lives and ministries on character and the fruit of the Spirit. We affirm that fruitful and effective ministry works best through vessels of honour.

7. A Generous Spirit – We commit to a life of generously imparting into others all things entrusted to us.

8. Stewardship not Ownership – Stewardship is the intentional pursuit of involving God in everything we are and do. Simply put, we are stewards of the gifts, callings and relationship entrusted to us.